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All From Boats Furniture
Recycled Boat Furniture

We believe in fair trade. All From Boats has agreements with local fishermen; when a fishing boat has become too expensive to repair and would ordinarily be burned as cooking fuel, the fishermen sell them to us at a good profit for their families. We turn the reclaimed boatwood into our famous nautical themed, recycled, boat furniture.

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All From Boats Furniture
Recycled Boat Furniture

All From Boats is Wholesale Only. Our recycled boat furniture are made completely from reclaimed boatwood, or recycled boats. Our source boats for reclaiming are found on the exotic Indonesian islands of Bali, Java, Lombok, Sulawesi and Kalimantan.

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All From Boats Furniture
Recycled Boat Furniture

All From Boats is committed to supplying recycled, reclaimed, nautical themed, boatwood furniture. We firmly believe that our furniture made from recycled boats have positive effects on countering the rate our planets delicate resources are used.

  • All From Boats is Wholesale Only

    While we greatly appreciate the huge popularity of our recycled boat furniture, made completely from reclaimed boatwood, please be aware that All From Boats is a wholesale only recycled boatwood, nautical themed, recycled boat furniture company. If you are an existing furniture or furniture related company, and would like to sell our nautical themed, boatwood, recycled boat furniture, contact us. Please note, We have a minimum purchase requirement of $2000 USD, not including freight. To purchase our recycled boat furniture for your home or office, please contact one of our many, world wide, All From Boats Dealers or Distributorships. They will be happy to answer all of your questions and get you the All From Boats recycled boat furniture you need.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

afb portal logoWe at All From Boats have been flattered by the rash of imitation furniture flooding todays recycled boat furniture market. Unscrupulous companies (to remain nameless) have attempted to copy our designs, centimeter for centimeter, and have even gone so far as to steal and use our actual photography and marketing copy - even images of our own studio! But, we understand the temptation. Its hard to blame these unimaginative and low budget manufacturers. Our products are beautiful, successful, and our marketing materials are evidently irresistible.

recycled boatwood furniture butterfly chairTo our clients, existing and future, we only ask that you not be fooled by our "competition". Try as they might, its simply not possible for anyone to offer what we do. Our size, reputation, and trust based historical relationships throughout the Indonesian archipelago ensure that we and we alone have access to only the finest recyclable fishing boats, the finest craftsmen, and the knowledge and focus to provide only designs that work and that sell. And, with years of dealing with global shipping agencies and ports of call, we have the experience to help you get your All From Boats furniture delivered with ease.

On a more technical end, we here at All From Boats have formulated and refined over the years, tested and proven proprietary assembly practices, sealer and adhesive formulations, and all around know how that can't be matched. Our products withstand the test of time, use and weather. And do so beautifully.

kurt boat2We understand you now have options in the recycled boat furniture market. And, we encourage you to try the new comers out. We are confident that All From Boats will continue to be the one true and only real source for high quality, beautifully designed, and masterfully crafted recycled boat furniture. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or give us a call: +62 878 600 74833

All Recycled, All Reclaimed Boatwood, All From Boats Furniture!

All From Boats recycled boatwood furniture is hand crafted in Indonesia using reclaimed nautical boatwood from traditional wooden fishing boats that are no longer sea worthy. These boatwood nautical furniture pieces are heirloom quality nautical furniture, made by experienced craftsmen and hard woods that are in short supply naturally - and some only available from these recycled boats! We have nautical boatwood furniture for just about every imaginable application in your home, office, restaurant, or villas. All From Boats has nautical boatwood chairs, nautical boatwood sofas and lounges, nautical boatwood bars and bar stools, nautical boatwood beds, nautical boatwood tables, and the list goes on! Remember, All From Boats believes strongly in fair wages and environmental sustainability. All of our nautical  boatwood furniture are made from reclaimed boatwoods only! We do not chop down forests, distress the new wood and call it recycled. And, we never encourage anyone to do so. With our boatwood furniture, everyone wins, from the fishermen, to the environment, and to you our clients. If its nautical themed boatwood furniture you want, All From Boats is the original and the best. Contact Us Today

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Recycled Boatwood Furniture

All From Boats Andre Sofa

recycled boatwood furniture butterfly chair The Recycled Boatwood Andre Sofa is a new offering from All From Boats. It is sturdy and wide, with enough room to pull up your feet and enjoy a cup of coffee while looking out on the water. As always, the Andre Sofa is made entirely from boatwood reclaimed from retired fishing boats. Category: Chairs Product #: 925872 Condition: New, made form reclaimed boats.

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French: meubles de bateaux
Greman: Möbel aus Booten
Spanish: muebles de barcos
Korean: 배 에서 가구
Russian: Мебель из лодки
Dutch: meubels van boten
Arabic: الأثاث من

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