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All From Boats | The Reclaimed Boat Wood Furniture & Art Company

To get an wholesale accout and further infos, click here. To find a retailer in your area, please contact All From Boats.

Kurt Eichhorn, Founder of All From Boats

All From Boats | The Recycled Boat Wood Furniture & Art Company

All From Boats is the orginal Bali boat wood furniture manufacturer in Indoneisa. We also created recycled iron drum art furniture. Headquartered in Bali, Indonesia. We offer a full range of reclaimed boat wood furniture and accessoires. We are focused on wholesale but also offer retail.

What makes us better than our competitors? We were the very first company on the market, selling boat furniture for over 12 years. Compare our quality and color selection with others and you will see the diffenrece. I stand with my name Kurt Eichhorn for german quality standards.

To become a AFB member log in and see prices on the website, please send us an email here.