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Quiet times we use for developing styles, here are a few new articles from our ideas forge:

Matahari coffee table
Matahari wall panel
Drum art sideboard with 2 doors
Documents shelf with a lot of drawers

Kurt Eichhorn

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The boat hunter

When I was still living in Germany, every few months I traveled to Bali to buy racks from old fishing boats - that was 15 years ago. At that time the boats were still completely unknown. I brought them to the man on furniture shows and in my shops. It became clear to me, the more boats you exhibit, the more you sell. I always had about 20 boats on the shows and placed them in 2 groups. That was very impressive. I also knew from my shop that if you want to sell a boat every day you have to offer at least 20. if you have only 2-3 it might happen that you do not sell one for weeks.

The demand for boats, which in the meantime also existed as wine racks or cabinets with doors, as sofas, etc., became so great that at some point it became necessary for me to be permanently on site in Bali. My son, max threw my shop and I had emigrated quite unnoticed. I was on the ball, wherever there were fresh boats I was there. Believe it or not, in the best of times we sold up to 500 boats a month.

By than I had built up my own international export in Bali. I then sold boats worldwide, but overall still more to Germany than to all other countries together. It will remain an eternal rumble to me why the Germans are so crazy on boats. In the meantime, many have jumped on this train and it is no longer possible to find more than 100 nice boats per month - but I'm also much more selective now. I still have the most beautiful horses in the stall. I still love them and it's a pleasure to hunt them. I'm feeling bored when i'm not hunting the boats. Where i hunt them? On the beaches and in hidden places in the jungle. Lets see which is the next country getting crazy on boats. I estimate it could become Russia, there are signs of addictions on the sky of Moscow.

Kurt eichhorn

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Hunting lucky

On some days brings you diana hunting lucky. you walk along a lonely beach and suddenly you find this herlichen raw material. Fishermen have parked their old boats, old and halved boats here and wait for a buyer.


hunting lucky

Matahari Bar

Is it not it a fantastic vision to sip a delicious cocktail on a tropical beach during sunrise and see how slowly the world is awakening ?! Our new Matahari Bar is a symbol of the awakening out of a bad dream. How long have we been waiting for the business to get better again? Now the time has come and we have fertilized our fields and stocked up our warehouses to bring in a rich harvest. The sunrise is our mascot! Matahari Bar. The top is made of stored suar, the corpus is patchwork of recycled bali boat wood. Size 270x65x115cm, price 10,125,000 idr

kts89539 270x65x115 sample

Iron Drum Art Furniture

In my many travels between Bali and Java, I often noticed old battered, rusty and rotten, multi colored iron oil drums on construction sites or at scrap dealers. These drums had the same fantastic distressed color layers as the wood I use in my furniture. Many drums were further enhanced with sprayed technical texts or graffiti. I bought 2 of them, flattened and cut them, creating my first metal oil drum abstract art. I was thrilled: this was abstract art with naturally grown texture, similar to the work I had been doing with wood, but with a new dynamic of metal!

Here you see some representative prototypes.  Check out all our iron drum furniture here.



successfull hunting

Today I was at the scrap dealer and have found a few nice drums again. tomorrow they go to the welding shop and then to the furniture factory. Will take 2-3 weeks until the sidebaords are done. Here are my designs for 5 new sidebaords 3 with 4 drawers and 4 doors and 2 with only 4 doors. Such a visit to the scrap dealer is always an exciting story, because you never know what you will find there. kurt eichhorn


B.4 door 4 drawer sideboardE.4 door sideboard A.4 door 4 drawer sideboardC.4 door 4 drawer sideboardD.4 door sideboard