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About All From Boats

All From Boats is committed to supplying exceptional quality, eco friendly, boat wood boat furniture exclusively to highly qualified dealerships of exceptional furniture and related boat or nautically influenced accessories. We at All From Boats firmly believe that our boat wood boat furniture has a positive effect on countering the rate our planets resources are consumed and a positive effect on the communities from which our materials are sourced.

Through a network of local employees and with a reputation of fairness and consideration, All From Boats is able to find and purchase no longer seaworthy fishing boats. Built by master Indonesian craftsmen, using time honored traditional building techniques and locally sourced materials, these boats were once beautiful and important tools for providing these fishermen's families with the things they need to survive. Over time, connectors rust, steel fails, and adhesive joints become loose.While the wood itself stays strong, these boats become too weak to survive the punishing seas and exhausting schedules. When that time comes, fishermen all over the Indonesian archipelago turn to All From Boats for help. We are able to purchase their old boats and get these fishermen and their families on their way to building anew or starting a different chapter in their lives. The practice is eco friendly and fair trade. It matters to us and hop eit matters to you.

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Kurt and Boats

A Matter of Passion

My name is Kurt Eichorn and I'm a German living in Indonesia. I have a passion for the sea, for design, and for doing my part to help our ailing planet. I have been buying fishing boats from Indonesia and creating beautiful pieces of furniture from them for over twenty years. I began with shelving, pintus, wine racks, and sofas. Hunting the broken boats was not only a profession - it was a passion. I loved everything about the process; the search, the travel, the villages, and the people, who were often perplexed as to why I wanted to buy their old boats!

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Kurt Eichorn