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shutter city 1

Shutter-rack Cabinet

Here we show you the new promising shutter-rack collection! we have combined the successful bathroom racks with the shutter cabinets. This connection can be designed in many ways, e.g. vertical or horizontal with more or less shutter doors. The arrangement is entirely up to you, below you will find some of the many possible combinations.

Ps. you will find some already in the ready stock 

Best Regards
AFB Team

Some samples below :

aa93172 45x40x135 1 aa92959 45x40x95 aa92709 45x40x135 1aa87468 bali aa87470 95x40x95 aa92985 140x40x95

To see more samples, please click below link ;

Max sofa and chair knock down
We are all worried about the freight prices and nobody knows how long it will go on. There is no evil intention behind these evil prices, it is simply the case that due to the pandemic and the resulting economic difficulties, there is less shipping traffic and therefore empty ships and empty containers are sent back and forth in order to be able to send goods at all.
Unfortunately this is very bad, but please keep in mind that it is still better to work with less profit than not doing any business at all, which means that you completely lose your customers because you have nothing more to offer.
Maybe you can increase your prices appropriately. we are sure that many of your customers will understand that if you explain the reason to them.
For our part, we have started to redesign some of our furniture in knockdown format. First of all, we offer you the popular max chair and max sofa. by knocking down these two items you can save up to 50% volume. so try out a few samples, meanwhile we're thinking about other models.

 Best Regards
 AFB Team


Below are the sample photos :

wk91600 146x85x85          wk91599 80x85x85

dd 5664


Price increase of some boat shaped furniture

  From now on, all boat-shaped furniture made from the tips of the boats will cost 10% more. we have to increase the prices because we hardly find discarded wooden boats in our area. We have already started buying them from other islands, which of course costs more. The price increase applies to orders from now on and for our stock from October 25th :

Reservations must be deposited as usual and collected within 2 months.

Increased price for items below :
- boat shelves
- Boat half a wine
- Boot 5 drawer
- Boot Pintu
- Boat glass doors with point (single & double)
- Boat sofas (single, double, full and extra wide)
- Boat coffee tables
- Boat consoles
- etc.

fishing boat drawer chestfishing boat rack 17aa90268 fishing boat wine rackaa90293 fishing boat coffee tableaa90332 fishing boat sofa sofafishing boat sofa 08

All other parts of the boat hull (i.e. without the tip) are not raised:
- Small flat pintu
- Small flat wine rack
- Boat man chairs
- etc.

fishing boat wine rackfishing boat drawer chest 1fishing boat cabinetfishing boat chair chair


Yours sincerely
AFB team

A New Old Trend

More than 10 years ago we already traded in these beautiful antique shutters. Back then some crazy people used them to decorate house facades, or as wall decoration in interiors. The topic has been topical again for some time and so we made sideboards and cabinets with just such doors. These old shutters were traditionally used in colonial buildings in the tropics. The demand for the shutters fits in wonderfully with the revival of the colonial style.

We are sell shutters at square meters.

AFB Team

shutter windows

Wake up call

  As it looks we will have to live with corona - definitely in the next few years and it will become part of our everyday life just like another but more flu. Because of mutations it's uncertain whether there will be an effective vaccination, so we can only live healthy and avoid dangerous situations.

  At the same time, we have to earn our living, the state aid will seep into the sand and we have to see that our business continues and generates profits.

  That was always our principle also during corona times. We have not - like many others - stopped producing and developing new models. And this has paid off, at least for some customers, in almost all of the countries with which we do business. some of them have stopped to buy - yes, but others continued buying, have a good website and were able to make successful customer appointments despite lock downs.

  Despite corona you cannot say that people are in a bad mood, because they want and need to consume. Of course no longer so random and anything possible, as well as beforehand - no, but very carefully considered and selected and oriented online. And there is definitely an interest in our furniture. The boat wood story is still far from over.

  With this newsletter we would like to give all despondent courage to give it a try, because if someone limits his activity and has nothing new to offer and cannot be reached via the internet, the business will stop at some point like an old watch.

  We continue with weekly new models and fresh stock. And as we already pronounced, until the end of the year we will give the full 20 'container discount = 15% on all orders and stock buying from 2 cbm. Also full worked out photos are availble for free of cost until then. So just be brave and do not hesitate.



AFB Team

photo 1d

New colonial style collection

Oh yeah, our name is all off the boat, so everything should be made of boat wood!? Yes, it was so, but now we are going to fall a little bit out of the ramen and make a new collection from old Indonesian colonial doors. We call it colonial style because all the doors are from the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia.

Here are some new patterns :

Untitled 1


More new patterns coming soon!

Novi and Virna

Lockdown Loosenings

Dear business friends

Times are somewhat unpredictable. The end customer is quite willing to spend money on furniture, but only if he gets exactly what he wants.For some this may mean that they have their warehouse full, but what the customer is looking for is just not in stock and it can take too long to get to the next container.

For this reason, we offer small quantities for mixed container or LCL shipments from July 1st until the end of the year with discount 15%. This means that we accept orders under a 20ft container and grant the 15% discount, which is normally only given for 20'containers. The cargo minimum volume is usually 2 cbm. You can meet individual customer requests. The customer gets what he wants and you and we still make some money and the factory has work.

We also offer our regular customers that we can provide you with our stock photos without our stamp that you can offer your customers. To avoid multiple sales, we just have to make sure that you reserve immediately and that the item is no longer offered by us.

Here are some examples of the cost of LCL shipments :

1. Port of Sydney : 195usd/Cbm - Min 2 Cbm
3. Port of Fremantle : 195usd/Cbm - Min 2 Cbm
4. Port of Hamburg : 200usd/Cbm - Min 2 Cbm
5. Port of Los Angeles : 295usd/Cbm - Min 2 Cbm
6. Port of New York : 320usd/Cbm - Min 2 Cbm
7. Port of Miami : 350usd/Cbm - Min 2 Cbm
Validity : 30 June 2020 Above rate are not including local charge at the destination port.
So let's go, if you don't dare, you won't win!
Best Regards
Novi and Virna

photo 1b


Happy New Year !!!

Dear customers

We wish you all a happy and successful new year!

By the way: we have reinstalled the product category New Designs into our website. We had taken it out because we wanted to make it more difficult for copiers to steal our ideas. But if someone wants to copy you, he will find a way anyway. So we prefare to show open what we are able to create. It’s more important for us to make sure that our customer can find what’s new with one click!

In the last months we have released a lot of new dsigns and that goes on and on, and some really great ideas will follow soon. As mentioned, you will find New Designs in the main menu.

Best Regards

AFB Team

kts89826 boat wood liquer cabinet kts89827 boat wood wine wall shelf kts89808 boat wood retro patchwork 4doors sideboard kts89815 boat wood utensils table dresser for table seagreen with red