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Iron Drum Art

My name is Kurt Eichhorn. I have been making furniture from recycled wooden fishing boats for nearly 10 years. In my many travels between Bali and Java, I often noticed old battered, rusty and rotten, multi colored iron oil drums on construction sites or at scrap dealers. These drums had the same fantastic distressed color layers as the wood I use in my furniture. Many drums were further enhanced with sprayed technical texts or graffiti. I bought 2 of them, flattened and cut them, creating my first metal oil drum abstract art. I was thrilled: this was abstract art with naturally grown texture, similar to the work I had been doing with wood, but with a new dynamic of metal!

Here you see some representative prototypes. These are samples and can not be ordered. In case you want to order, you may either ask for a stock list by emailing me, or apply for a members only account. You may view the entire inventory of iron drum art by clicking the tab "iron drum art".